AP Physics Insights: Non-Content Knowledge

Great tips for all AP students, not just AP Physics!

Val Monticue

AP Physics Insights Caveat: These are my personal thoughts and not in any way condoned or affiliated with ETS or whatever else. If you disagree with any of my points, please shoot me a comment or respond to the post and let me know your interpretations. I am more than willing to re-evaluate my ideas. These are simply my current conclusions based on evidence I’ve gathered, but I’m quite sure there’s more out there I haven’t seen that could lead to even better insights.

Most Important Thing

There will always be things on the AP exam that the taker feels they were never taught. The whole point of the exam is to get them to use their knowledge in scenarios never seen before. It will be a new situation, some twist on the basic ideas learned, and the goal is to figure out how to use that knowledge to make…

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